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Workplace Wellness Council


• Programa Educativo Patrocinado     $ 350,000 MX pesos


• PYME Proveedora de Salud             $ 55,500.00 MX pesos

Nivel Corporativo

• 10,000 a 13.000 colaboradores $175,500.00


• 6,500 a 9,999 colaboradores     $159,500.00


• 5,000 a 6,499 colaboradores     $134,500.00


• 4,000 a 4,999 colaboradores     $104,000.00


• 2,500 a 3,999 colaboradores     $ 95,000.00


• 1,000 a 2,499 colaboradores     $ 84,500.00

• 200 a 999 colaboradores  $ 75,500.00


• PYMES                           $ 50,500.00


Talleres, Asesorías y Cursos extra para afiliados

  no afiliados

• Taller de Corresponsabilidad $5,000 pesos


• Asesoría y Acompañamiento $5,000 pesos


• Sesión educativa extra $5,000 pesos (únicamente para afiliados)

$11,750 pesos


$19,500 pesos


Value proposition


The Workplace Wellness Council provides a forum for leadership, best practices and knowledge on corporate health and wellness programs in Mexico. It helps members to both lower their health-care cost while demonstrating their commitment to improving the health of their employees. Wellness programs are good for employees, good for the company's image in the broader community, and good for the company's financial bottom line.

Philosophy Statement:


We are the Workplace Wellness Council. Our mission is to provide companies in Mexico with innovation, best practices, and leadership to improve employee health.


Our work is based on the synergy with extraordinary companies and institutions, as well as the association with very experienced health experts. Our goal is to lead the Health and Wellness movement through a creative and multidisciplinary strategy to improve the health of our employees and their families.


6. Measure, measure, measure: Turn on the light


7. Empowerment works


8. Be flexible, professional and multicultural


9. Embrace and benefit from diversity and inclusion


10. Develop processes, not good intentions


11. Enjoy the ride and share.

Eleven things we believe in:


1. Health is sustainability


2. Teamwork


3. Wellness is about balance: Emotionally, Financially, Mentally and Physically


4. Focus on execution: Make things happen!


5. Realistic is better than perfect


Chief Executive Officer  

Abner Mason

Abner created CRP in 2008 to help companies in emerging markets to improve employee health and reduce health-care costs. Starting in Mexico, Abner has lead the effort to create the Workplace Wellness and Prevention Council of Mexico.Abner currently serves as the Mexico Council's Chief Executive Officer. Before creating CRP, Abner was founder and Executive Director of AIDS Responsibility Project where he led the effort to create CONAES and JaBCHA, the first business councils on HIV/AIDS in Mexico and Jamaica respectively.

He previously served as a member of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) where he was Chairman of the International Committee. He was appointed to the Council by President Bush in 2002.

Abner previously spent ten years in Massachusetts State government most recently serving as Chief Policy Advisor to Massachusetts Governors Paul Cellucci (R) and Jane Swift (R). He also served as Governor Cellucci's Undersecretary of Transportation and as Deputy General Manager of the Massachusetts Transit Authority, the 7th largest in the US. Abner is a graduate of Harvard College.

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Kabel

Bob Kabel is an attorney and consultant in Washington, D.C. where he is affiliated with the global law and consulting firm of Faegre Baker Daniels. He also serves as the CFO and General Counsel of Corporate Responsibility Partners, LLC. With more than 30 years as a professional in Washington, D.C., Bob brings a depth of knowledge and experiences to domestic and international clients. In Washington, he represents clients on legislative and regulatory issues. Many of his clients are large financial services firms with complex legislative and regulatory issues, including regulatory implementation issues stemming from the 2008 financial crisis and the legislation enacted to address that crisis. Internationally, Bob represented clients interested in establishing and expanding their presence in Mexico, Brazil and other countries in Latin America. He has been active in Brazil on behalf of clients and instrumental in enhancing his firm's presence in Brazil through the development of a series of strategic partnerships.

Bob currently chairs the Republican Party of the District of Columbia and is a member of the Republican National Committee. In April, 2012, he was elected to be the next Republican National Committeeman from the District of Columbia. He is a graduate of Denison University where he has served as a Trustee and Vanderbilt University Law School where he has served on the Dean's Advisory Committee.

Chief Strategic Officer

Rich Tafel

Rich Tafel is the Chief Strategic Officer for the Workplace Wellness Council. A masters graduate from Harvard University Rich was appointed as Director of the Adolescent Health Programs for the state of Massachusetts in 1991. In 1993 he founded a civil rights nonprofit in Washington DC and worked as leader in combating the AIDS epidemic in the US.  In 2004 he helped with the strategic efforts to deliver AIDS drugs to Africa called PEPFAR. This work brought him to work with USAID on HIV/AIDS in Brazil, Jamaica and Mexico. In Mexico he helped create an HIV/AIDS business council called CONAEAS.


Today, Rich works with corporations and nonprofits seeking to improve the world. He writes a monthly column for Stanford Social Innovation Review and is a guest lecturer on health care advocacy at Johns Hopkins University.


Country Manager

Ángeles De Gyves

Ángeles De Gyves  is General Director of the Workplace Wellness and Prevention Council of Mexico. Ángeles previously served as the Committees and Projects Manager for the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico (AmCham). Before joining the AmCham, Ángeles spent 4 years working for Citi Group.


Ángeles previously worked in Televisa, the largest broadcast company in Mexico, as Production Manager. She has over 18 years of experience in Scriptwriting, Media Production, Marketing, Communications and Public Relations, and over six years of experience in Project Management and Business Development in the industries of Education, Financial services and Services.As a Certified Business Coach, founder of her own Wellness Coaching firm, Ángeles is very committed to helping companies create healthy, productive, successful teams. As a Consultant, she facilitates business groups to develop business management and cross cultural communication skills. Ángeles holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, and a Diploma in Strategic Marketing from Intercontinental University. She studied Hispanic Literature at the National University of Mexico, and is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Culture and Best Practices Manager

Alma Arenas

Joined the Council as Operations Manager. In this position she manages the educational programs of Consejo Sano, provides administrative and operational support to the internal team and service to our members.

She has a bachelor´s degree in Psychology from the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and has a Diploma in Training and Human Development from Sociedad de Psicología Aplicada. She has taken different courses in Mental Control, Reiki, Holistic Massage, C&E, Human Development and Coaching. She is an experienced therapist and has her own office.

She worked for American Chamber for 7 years in different positions: Job Bank Coordinator, Coordinator of Organizational Development and Executive Assistant to the Vice President and General Director. She practices meditation and enjoys reading about human spiritual evolution. Her main mission is to help people find a style of life that allow them enjoy constant wellness.


Jorge Olivares

Administrative Coordinator

Jorge Olivares Aguilar has joined the Council as Administrative coordinator. He holds a technical degree in Computing. He has a three-year experience in business administration and client services.


He is an amateur soccer football player passionate with sports and dancing.  He is committed with member companies to provide an excellent service towards the Wellness movement in Mexico.



Celia Pérez

Operations and Customer Service Coordinator

She graduated from the Mexican University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, joined the Council as Executive Member Care.

Celia worked for 5 years in American Chamber in different areas such as reception, coordinator of meating rooms and finally executive service to the membership.


Gaining experience in event logistics as well as various administrative activities and especially the quality of care for partners.

Celia enjoys tropical music and loves to dance Salsa.



Irlanda Sánchez

Accounting and Financial Consultant

Mayra Irlanda Sánchez has joined the Council as an Accounting and Financial Consultant.


She is the founder and General Director of  Sánchez & Sánchez an Accounting firm dedicated to providing accounting and auditing services. She has over 15 years of experience in helping companies grow and develop. Mayra Irlanda has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from EBC University. She practices extreme sports such as rock-climbing and rappel. Nowadays, she studies Law at the National University of Mexico.


Carlos Herazo

Media Consultant

Carlos Herazo Bradbury joined the Council as a media consultant. He produces videos; develops and maintains , and the institutional websites, to help improve communications with its members and the general public. Carlos has a degree in MKT, with a major in advertising. With extensive experience helping companies choose the right media and develop clear and convincing messages. He has also participated in the creation of national anti-alcoholism / addiction campaigns and has worked as a copywriter, editor, creative director and TV producer.


Presently, he runs his own business, advising companies on issues of media, marketing, internet, social networking and online campaigns. He is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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