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The Workplace Wellness Council provides a forum for leadership, best practices and knowledge on corporate health and wellness programs in Mexico. It helps members to both lower their health-care cost while demonstrating their commitment to improving the health of their employees. Wellness programs are good for employees, good for the company's image in the broader community, and good for the company's financial bottom line.

Philosophy Statement:


We are the Workplace Wellness Council. Our mission is to provide companies in Mexico with innovation, best practices, and leadership to improve employee health.


Our work is based on the synergy with extraordinary companies and institutions, as well as the association with very experienced health experts. Our goal is to lead the Health and Wellness movement through a creative and multidisciplinary strategy to improve the health of our employees and their families.


Eleven things we believe in:


1. Health is sustainability


2. Teamwork


3. Wellness is about balance: Emotionally, Financially, Mentally and Physically


4. Focus on execution: Make things happen!


5. Realistic is better than perfect

6. Measure, measure, measure: Turn on the light


7. Empowerment works


8. Be flexible, professional and multicultural


9. Embrace and benefit from diversity and inclusion


10. Develop processes, not good intentions


11. Enjoy the ride and share.

Cuotas Anuales por Membresía

Nivel Liderazgo

• Programa Educativo Patrocinado     $ 350,000 MX pesos


• PYME Proveedora de Salud             $ 49,500.00 MX pesos

Nivel Corporativo

• 10,000 a 13.000 colaboradores $172,500.00


• 6,500 a 9,999 colaboradores     $159,000.00


• 5,000 a 6,499 colaboradores     $134,500.00


• 4,000 a 4,999 colaboradores     $111,000.00


• 2,500 a 3,999 colaboradores     $ 98,000.00


• 1,000 a 2,499 colaboradores     $ 84,500.00

Talleres, Asesorías y Cursos extra para afiliados


• Taller de Corresponsabilidad $5,000 pesos


• Asesoría y Acompañamiento $5,000 pesos


• Sesión educativa extra $5,000 pesos (únicamente para afiliados)

Presentación del

Workplace Wellness Council

• 200 a 999 colaboradores  $ 75,500.00


• PYMES                           $ 39,500.00


  no afiliados

$11,750 pesos


$19,500 pesos

Abner Mason

Ángeles De Gyves

Rich Tafel

Robert Kabel

Alma Arenas

Mónica Hurtado

Jorge Olivares

Celia Pérez

Irlanda Sánchez

Carlos Herazo

Workplace Wellness Council-Mexico Consejo Empresarial de Salud y Bienestar México

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